Corflex Inc - Application Instuctions

1. Loosen straps, remove liner from boot and set pads and wrench aside.
2. Place foot in liner (foot should be flat on the ground with ankle at 90 degree angle). Make sure heel fits snugly into posterior portion of the liner.
3. Place pads over malleolus and secure to inside of liner with hook dots.
4. Secure liner to lower leg with contact closures starting at the bottom and working up the leg.
5. Spread uprights apart and step into boot, making sure to align the uprights with the medial/lateral side of liner secured to lower leg.
6. Secure boot straps starting at bottom and working up the leg.
7. Set hinge to allow for or limit range of motion by sliding cover open and placing pin at appropriate degree of plantar or dorsiflexion.
Note: (Each side should be set with identical settings). Wrench may be used to unlock (turn counterclockwise) or lock (turn clockwise) hinge as needed.

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