Corflex Inc - Application Instuctions

1. Separate sling from pillow and remove 1 1/2" x 16" secure strap from sling.
2. Detach shoulder strap and open front panel.
3. Place thumb through loop inside sling for additional comfort.
4. Pass shoulder strap diagonally up and over the unaffected shoulder and fasten through both buckles so the end of the strap is at mid chest. The shoulder strap length can also be adjusted at the back of the sling.
5. Place pillow at waistline with large end facing forward. Change angle of pillow by bending malleable stay if desired. Attach plastic buckle and adjust length of the strap at the back end of pillow. Attach sling to the pillow, lining up hook and loop contact closure for a secure fit.
Note: The Standard and Firm Fit pillows are designed to keep the arm in approximately 15 degree of abduction. The position of the pillow at the waist should be positioned for desired internal or external rotation by sliding the pillow forward or back along the waistline.

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