Corflex Inc - Application Instuctions

1. Release suspender straps, open back support and lay flat.
2. Grasp sides of support and center on small of back. Pull left side of support firmly across abdominal region, repeat for right side and secure loop portion onto hook portion.
3. Grasp both ends of elastic double-pull, pull left side across and attach onto loop, repeat process for right side.
4. Affix one end of each strap thru d-rings located at top of support in center of back. Bring each strap over shoulder and under each arm, making sure to adjust strap pads for comfort.
5. Cross straps in back, bring around to the front and affix ends of each strap to loop portion on front of panel.
6. Adjust straps to desired tension level, making sure not to over tighten.
7. Note: if applicable, heat mold thermoplastic insert to patient and place molded insert into pocket. (Insert is a separate purchase - see instructions on insert for heat molding).

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