Corflex Inc - Application Instuctions

Proper application of the Collar is as important as proper sizing for immobilization and patient comfort. The two-piece design consists of a FRONT piece and BACK piece which are packaged as a set.
Always maintain the patient's head in neutral alignment. These directions are guidelines only; follow a qualified healthcare provider's instructions.
1. After selecting the properly sized Collar, apply the BACK piece of the Collar to the back of the patient's neck. Center the Collar. The back arrow should point upward.
2. Apply the FRONT piece of the Collar with the chin secured in the recess. Center the Collar and ensure neutral alignment. The FRONT piece OVERLAPS the BACK piece to ensure effective immobilization and comfort. The front arrow should point upward.
3. With Velcro hook and loop fasteners, tighten the Collar with a bilateral adjustment. This will secure the patient's cervical region in neutral alignment.


Before removing the Collar, mark the position of the Velcro strap location to ensure re-application maintains the proper fit.
With the Collar secured on the patient, unfasten the Velcro strap on the RIGHT side and then the LEFT side. Remove the Collar from the patient.

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