Corflex Inc - Application Instuctions

1. Unfasten all straps, loosen laces and lift up tongue of support.
2. Grasp support on either side of laces, slip foot through support, making sure heel is positioned comfortably in opening.
3. With ankle positioned at 90 snug laces from distal to proximal, tighten and tie to desired comfort level.
4. Grasp "figure 8" support straps on each side of lacing. Cross straps in front of foot, wrap under foot and up opposite side of ankle, securing hook portion to loop on side of support. Trim support straps if necessary.
5. Grasp cinch straps on each side of support and bring down over "figure 8" support straps. Ankle support should be snug, but not inhibiting circulation.
NOTE: Optional plastic stays are located on each side under cinch straps and may be removed if desired.

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